The purpose of this directory is to help connect people with local natural areas and wild spaces. We want to create a resource that will help our whole community, not just people in our area Vancouver Island, BC, so we thought a directory was a good way to do this.

We Are Wildness’ mission and purpose is to help protect the remaining wild spaces on the planet by showing people the importance of connecting with Nature, which in turn will help them develop a relationship to their local ecosystem and hopefully they will want to protect it. We really resonate with this quote from Baba Dioum: “In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.” 

We will have a section on the website about respecting the natural world and practicing Leave No Trace principles. My hope is that people use our directory with good intentions, not to find wild spaces and destroy them.

We want the directory to be very accessible to everyone, so it’s free to use. The way we intend to fund the website is by having Nature-based businesses like Ecotherapists, Hiking Guides, Wilderness Skills Schools, Therapists, Nature Writers, Birding Guides, etc. and environmental and wildlife nonprofits be able to purchase listings in the directory. As a user, you can choose to search for Nature only or connect with a Nature-based business in your area. The directory is focused on helping people connect with Nature and the Nature-based business listings will help make the project sustainable.